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Sensei Nishida

Karate, Tai Chi & QiGong,

Healing Sessions

A native of Tokyo, Japan, Makio Nishida has been a pupil, instructor, and highly successful competitor in the martial arts for over 59 years. As an 8th degree black belt, he has excelled in both national and international competitions. He has been awarded over 300 trophies as grand champion and champion in form and sparring. Sensei Nishida has studied Kyokushin Karate under Masutasu Oyama, Founder of Kyokunshinkai, on which the Genjikai style is based. He has knowledge of Okinawa Goju-Ryu, Shotokan, Shito-ryu, and Chinese Kempo. He has also practiced Aikido, Aikijiujutsu, Kendo, Taikiken, kickboxing, western boxing, Wu Style Tai Chi and QiGong. He has recently been inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 


Makio Nishida came to the United States first in 1970. He formed Japan Karate Do Genjikai in 1978 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and later moved to Texas in 1983 to become general manager of the Caravan of Dreams, a nightclub in downtown Fort Worth. At the same time he taught karate in the basement. Later he taught karate at the Euless Recreational Center then opened his own dojo in Arlington in 1986. After twelve successful years he moved to his current location in Fort Worth, Texas and became Genjikai Karate and Tai Chi.


He is a certified QiGong Healer and is a Jikiden Reiki Master. Read more of Sensei's healing journey and what a healing energy session is like here.


Makio is also a lively speaker for your next Karate or health and wellness event. His humor, heartfelt stories, and words of wisdom challenge and motivate audiences of all ages to excel in the life they have been given. To book him for your next event, virtual or in-person, please go to the Home Page and fill out the contact form. 

Sensei Nishida has been taught by the following Masters: 

  • Masutatsu Oyama, founder of Kyokushin Kai Karate Do, Tokyo, Japan

  • Mario Higaona, Grand Master of Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate, Okinawa

  • Minobu Miki, Grand Master of Shito Ryu Karate, San Diego, CA

  • Hon Chul Kim, Grand Master of Tae Kwon Do, Albuquerque, NM

  • Al Martinez, Boxing and Kickboxing Trainer, Santa Fe, NM

  • Seigo Okamoto, Grand Master of Daitoh-ryu Aikijiukutsu, Tokyo, Japan

  • Johnny Lee, Grand Master, Lee's White Leopard Kung Fu, Dallas, TX


Sensei Langhorn


Aaron Langhorn is a 25 year student of Sensei Nishida and currently holds the 2nd dan (degree) with a teacher certificate under the Genjikai system. He started his martial arts journey as a troubled teenager who would later win state/regional championships tournaments as Nishida's pupil and now Assistant Instructor.   Sensei Langhorn is passionate about teaching karate that instills a sense of respect, humility and integrity. He offers a special approach on attention to detail and proper technique during class or if one on one attention is needed. Sensei Langhorn also specializes in teaching students with ADHD and other learning disabilities. 

Sensei Langhorn has been taught by the following Masters: 

  • Makio Nishida, Founder Genjikai Karate & Tai Chi, Fort Worth, TX


Tamara Nishida

Tai Chi & QiGong, Workshops


Tamara is a retired elementary school teacher. She has studied martial arts since 1987. She attained her second degree black belt in 2003 and has studied Tai Chi since 2000. Currently she teaches tai chi and qi gong practices at Genjikai Karate & Tai Chi dojo. She has taught school teachers, students, athletes, veterans, senior citizens, recovering surgical patients, and people with chronic diseases and mobility issues.

The techniques used in tai chi help students to retain focus and calm in order to create an environment to make creative, attentive and inspired decisions. It empowers individuals to take care of their own health, develop flexibility, strength, resilience, and suppleness. It also helps create a sense of harmony and balance with the body, mind and spirit. 

Tamara's classes and workshops use martial arts forms to improve balance, coordination, circulation, strengthen the immune system, create self awareness, and emotional stability. The use of specific movements help develop concentration, strengthen the body, commit to action and take responsibility for healing. She is available to teach on location or online for schools, hospitals, offices, retirement homes, individuals, and private event workshops. To book Tamara please fill out the Contact Form on the Home Page.

Tamara Nishida has been taught by the following Masters: 

  • Johnny Lee, Grand Master, Lee's White Leopard Kung Fu, Dallas, TX

  • Makio Nishida, Founder Genjikai Karate & Tai Chi, Fort Worth, TX

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