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For health, safety and convenience, we now offer live Zoom classes. 

If you are not feeling well please stay home. 


Today's martial arts schools can often give a student a false sense of confidence when rewards and trophies are the primary reinforcement of their practice. At Genjikai we go beyond performance based training by focusing holistically on a calm and focused mind, a strengthened heart that overcomes fear, a body trained with technical superiority for precision in every movement, and a fighting spirit that has the willingness and commitment to be fully present. Karate is for everyone at any age but one must be willing to show up and practice. 


Karate Do means the way of the empty hand. It is a martial arts form that is characterized by strength, power and diligence. It came to Japan by way of Okinawa and China. Karate Do is a way of fighting without weapons by striking an opponent with hands and feet. Strikes and blocks are perfected with consistent practice. By training the body to move, breathe, and act properly the mind and spirit are strengthened. This class is taught by Sensei Nishida and Sensei Langhorn.


"In my dojo the goal is not competition, winning, trophies, or black belts. These can be a way of participating in the dojo and a way of learning and being inspired to do ones best, but there is more. I give the structure of the forms, the execution to techniques, and through practice one realizes the 'fluidity of movement' that is required for success. If students stay with me they will achieve confidence,  presence, and will be able to hold their own on the mat."

Sensei Nishida

Unlimited Karate Classes: $115/Month

Additional Family Member: $80/Month (+ Enrollment Fee)

Unlimited Two Martial Art Forms: $170/Month

Eduardo H.

Father of Student


"I first came to Genjikai when I introduced my son to karate.  He was 5 years old and I was concerned that he may be too young to start so I stayed and watched.  As we progressed through the classes, there were good days and bad days.  As a father some of this was hard to watch.  I wanted to stop, but the more I went to class, the more relaxed I was in [Sensei Nishida's] style of teaching, always encouraging and always patient.  I joined the class, first as a student’s father.  As time progressed I suspended my role as father and began to share time with Jacob.  I am comfortable knowing that [Genjikai] will teach, encourage and never humiliate.  This allowed me to simply enjoy the class with all the other classmates one of which just happens to be my son!"

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Tai Chi is a martial art with its roots in China. Its movements are structured, smooth and continuous making it great for all ages. The practice promotes calmness, lightness, coordination, balance and strength. It can be practiced for health purposes, as a defense system, or a way to focus the mind. Genjikai focuses on Wu Style Tai Chi. 


Each tai chi class includes qi gong exercises. Qi gong is an ancient Chinese art of gathering, circulating, and applying life-force energy within the body. It is said to build the immune system, balance hormones, eliminate toxins, strengthen the bone structure, improve circulation, open the joints and calm the nervous system.


When you join our class you will experience the initial stages of the power of tai chi and qi gong by learning the physical form, strengthening the chi, calming the mind and opening the heart. A long term practice of these martial art forms will unfold, blossom and deepen into greater rewards with healthful longevity, increased strength, mental focus, and spiritual connection. These classes are taught by Sensei Nishida and Tamara Nishida.

Chair Tai Chi

Chair tai chi is an excellent exercise option for frail seniors or those with limited mobility. These movements are gentle and can be modified to your level of comfort. These classes are taught by Instructor Tamara Nishida and are offered online so you can enjoy the physical benefits and the gathering of community from the safety of your own home. In joining us twice a week you will experience decreased stress and anxiety, improved mood, better balance and flexibility, and a strengthening of the muscles in the abdomen and pelvic areas that help support the lower back.  

Wellness Qi Gong

This gentle, accessible qi gong practice will help you heal and revitalize your life. Stressors such as chronic health conditions, being overweight, feeling overworked, a lack of energy and motivation, and quarantining can lead to stagnation within the body and mind. With gentle movements, breathing practices, joint rotations and lengthening of the spine Instructor Tamara Nishida will guide you on how to create calmness, tranquility, coordination, balance and strength. As we heal the body, we can align body, mind, heart and spirit. With willingness to practice daily your body’s natural energy can reorganize and activate into a support system for healing.

Unlimited Tai Chi & Qi Gong Classes with Live Zoom Access: $115/Month

Additional Family Member: $80/Month (+ Enrollment Fee)

Unlimited Two Martial Art Forms: $170/Month

Image by topcools tee

"I have been SO thankful for my introduction to tai chi 3 years ago.  As a geriatric certified physical therapist I had read the research of its multiple benefits to help age gracefully. The class was offered at my workplace. The convenience of the class coupled with its physical and mental aspects helped me cope with the computer work stress.  I had more mental clarity and a more relaxed body to help me for the remaining part of my day. As time has passed, I have retired but have been committed to continue the practice at home daily.  It grounds me so that I can get to sleep easier, it helps decrease much of my chronic spinal pain and I have better control over my busy mind.  I would encourage ANYONE of ANY age, but especially the geriatric population, to take up the art for all the aforementioned benefits."  


Cheryl T.

Physical Therapist

Qi Gong Healing

Qi Gong Healing

More than 5000 years ago, Chinese physicians came to understand that everything is composed of the same energetic substance called "Qi". These ancient masters saw that there is a oneness and wholeness in all existence, and that energetically everything is interconnected as one body, although energy may take on many different forms.


Mantak Chia said, "... The union of the chi of heaven and Earth is called a human." "Chi" or "Qi" is the activating energy of all things. When this energy is imbalanced with your true nature it can cause problems in the human body. This can look like a recurring physical illness, disease, emotional upset, an unsettled mind, excessive worry and stress, or an unfocused heart center. 

Makio Nishida is a certified Qi Gong Healer and is a Jikiden Reiki Master. Through your session he will work with your bodies natural energies to help facilitate your healing through your own unique energetic field. Much like acupuncture, this chi movement can shift the internal energy flow and re-balance your bodies systems. For some this looks like an instant healing or re-balancing, for others there is deeper internal work to be done to which these sessions will help move you closer in the right direction on your healing journey. Click here to read about Sensei Nishida's healing journey and what to expect during your session. 

Healing Session: $100/session


Nancy W.

"After 2 and a half years of testing me for everything under the sun, I was finally diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, a rare lung disorder. Life expectancy for P.H. patients is approx 2 and a half years. Soon after that I became very ill and was hospitalized. I was given a blood transfusion and sent home to rest. A dear friend of mine, Denise, would not accept that I was going to die, I was only 46 years old. So she scheduled me a Healing Session with Mr. Nishida. I didn't know anything about him or what he did, but she assured me he could help, And he did! I saw him every chance I had and before long, I was walking farther without having to sit and rest, and my fatigue and shortness of breath had faded. My Doctors were amazed, my heart was back to normal and I was living my best life. I remarried and will celebrate 14 years this Oct. I also celebrated my 60th birthday in 2020. Without Makio Nishida, I would not have seen the last 15 years .He is truly gifted and I am blessed that he shared his gift with me. I still see him often and continue to be well and live my best life."




Transforming Negative Emotions to Positive

A genuine smile transmits loving energy,

which has the power to warm and heal.

The Taoist system believes that our organs and senses effect learning.

When you smile to your organs, senses, and glands,

you communicate an energy that can repair

and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul

and will allow the body to return to its natural state of health.

This 4-weeks workshop will teach practices to strengthen your chi and direct it through

the different organs of the body.

It’s like giving your organs an internal massage. 

Daily practice of this SMILE



Sound is a Vibration that Heals the Organs

Thousands of years ago Taoist masters discovered

that a healthy organ vibrates at a particular frequency.

Humming these six sounds with the correct frequency

keeps the organs in optimal condition to prevent and alleviate illness.

Six postures were also developed to accompany these sounds

in order to activate the acupuncture meridians, or energy channels, of the organs.

This 4-week workshop teaches these six sounds and postures. 

Daily practice of these sounds


 Highly Irie Highly Vibey

Healthy Eating for Vitality

Blessed Love! Why die - eat (diet). When you can live-eat (liv-it-y).

Many are lost as to what foods to eat to maintain healing response to all life offers.

The body works tremendously:

repairing cells and tissues, creating hormones,

turning stored energy into action for our daily needs;

the correct constitution of vitamins, minerals and compounds

are essential to keeping the flow running. Learn to listen to the body and identify what foods

and good groups are best to assist your health goals.

The ecosystems is abundant and responsible for supporting every living thing.

It is your birth right to carry this gift of health and brandish it as your own.


Body, Mind & Spirit Program

for School Students 

For today’s youth, school has many emotional and physical demands.  Tai chi’s

regular practice is designed to help students realize that they are in charge of how

they choose to react to what is going on around them. The practice of Tai Chi and

Qi Gong gives students confidence and feelings of self-worth.

The BODY is coordinated as a complete unit as one practices tai chi forms.

The MIND develops concentration and focus.

With intention the MIND directs the body.

As the HEART calms,

the WILL strengthens, the MIND quiets, and the BODY relaxes.

Discipline of the MIND will vitalize the SPIRIT.

This 4-week “workshop” will initiate students into

the practice of tai chi and qi gong. 


How to Create the Zone of Effortless Experience

Learn about the world of energy and using it consciously

to perfect a sport, dance and performance technique,

or other art form.

This is a 4-week introduction to a skill that if practiced daily will access the individual’s inherent knowledge of the

“zone of effortless experience” and teach the conscious activation of that energy. At minimum it will



Test Preparation for Students

Often times students know the material studied,

but they have such test anxiety that they fail to do well on test day.

With the study of tai chi and qi gong the students can learn how

to calm their mind and think more effectively

to exercise their eye muscles to see more sharply

to attune their memory to increase focus and concentration.

This is a 4-week introduction to a practice of tai chi and qi gong that

if practiced daily will help the student stay calm and centered so that he or she can calmly access memory and understanding of the questions. 

(To join or book a workshop visit the Home Page and fill out the Contact Form for Tamara Nishida.
Classes can be created for schools as well as individual workshops.) 


"I was inspired to take Tamara's Inner Smile & Healing Sounds Workshop for the opportunity to learn something new and possibly life changing in an open environment among individuals I respect. After taking the course I found the capability of generating and tuning into what is called the "inner smile" to be most helpful. Myself, I see it as the feeling of Love. At will, I am now able to tap into this renewable resource for strength and success. The capability to transmute negative emotions into those of love has been of great benefit even while completing the most mundane of tasks. I have found these techniques greatly aid in the maintenance of unnecessary stress levels and, as a healthcare professional myself, I have been able to use these strategies with my patients with quite resounding results!"

Braeden M.

Dr. of Physical Therapy

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