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Sensei's Healing Journey

I remember at a very young age that my parents were unhappy. I was born in 1946 after the war. My sister was born during the war and survived! My 2 other siblings did not. Tokyo was decimated from the bombings.  My father lost his company, his culture and his children. My family was taken in by the Christian Church and helped us move through all the transitions. I felt very responsible for my parents’ happiness.


My father took me to the Christian Church, the Buddhist temples and the Taoist ceremonies. It gave me an enlarged perspective of the “spiritual life”. I felt the energies of each one and felt my inner awakening of “I want to help”!


I began my journey with a spiritual transformative moment in which I looked out over the ocean and felt a “quietude” come over me.  All sound and motion stopped and I entered a state of “AWE”! I quietly knew there was something larger than myself calling me. As I began to look at my “desire to die” and my quest to discover “why can’t someone help me?” I thought I might become a teacher.


I took karate from age 7 with famous Master Mas Oyama until I left for the U.S. upon an invitation from a Viet Nam service man.  This journey took me across the states of New York to New Orleans to New Mexico and Texas upon which time I began teaching Karate. I began to notice I could alleviate pain in the muscles and straighten broken toes when the kicks and blocks hit the body. No swelling or bruising occurred.

One day I became a Sensei. Many years later I became a healer. All my internal feelings and beliefs came together with my practices of karate, tai chi and qi gong. My natural abilities of feeling a person’s energies of pain, sadness, anger and grief and my abilities to move energies that aligned a person’s own innate power to heal became my Healing Work/Energy Session.

What to Expect

My session begins with an interview with my client. 


LISTEN to the story and 

FEEL the vibration of energies. 








The client, wearing loose clothing, then lies down on my massage table.  The process is one of my moving my hands above the body as I scan what area is asking for help.  Then I focus my energies on moving any block of energies I find.  One session is about 45-60 minutes.  It is my hope that each person will be able to discover how to work with the energies inside the body and begin to take an active part in the healing.


We are energy and we are surrounded by energy.  Our thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs and experiences effect our energy field and thus our body.  As we purify our thoughts, cleanse our negative emotions we can begin to “feel” our body sensations and move our energy.  I just help the individual to align their field of energy.  I never think “I’m going to fix anything.”  I attune to the energy of LOVE.  I ask that healing occur and let go to a Higher Power.  I feel a connection to the Great Divine beyond all knowing.  I ask the Universe/God for suffering to leave.  I let go of any expectations.  I can’t manipulate the energies.  “My hands feel and go to the areas needed.”  With Love Energy something will occur.


It has been reported that certain diseases have been effected.    

Healing can mean many things: 

  • chronic fatigue disappears 

  • lime disease dissolves

  • blood pressure controlled 

  • bone density increased

  • minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

  • pre and post surgery energy alignments

  • pulmonary heart patients

  • chronic and acute pain managed

  • tumor dissolves  

  • anxiety disappears

  • organs and systems work more efficiently

  • autoimmune system strengthened

  • arthritis pain relieved 

  • diabetes balanced

And, it can mean an acceptance of death and the transition of this life into another, with peace and tranquility.


A Fighting Spirit

My goal is to restore the healthy functioning of the energy field and thus promote and facilitate healing for the body, mind and spirit.


In my dojo I have my father’s calligraphy.  It says “Fighting Spirit”.  I hope each client will bring a “fighting spirit” through a willingness and commitment to be present in each moment. 


Live every moment


with all your energy.


Don’t stop.


Keep going,


steadily -



-Sensei Makio Nishida

To book a Healing Energy Session with Sensei Makio Nishida please fill out the Contact Form on the Home Page.

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