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"I started karate when I was 5 years old.  Now that I’m older I understand how hard it is to teach me.  I love that [Sensei is] patient and encouraging.  I have learned to defend myself, to stand for what I believe, but most important, to keep practicing.  [Sensei Nishida's] instructions are direct but never mean.  I will always remember the funny stories and sayings like:  'What is awkward will be become beautiful!' and 'Your face will welcome my fist!'"

Jacob D. H.,

Karate Student


Dr. Harsha A.

Karate Student

"In karate, no matter how often you come to classes, whether it be everyday, for two hours a day, you will not improve in the slightest without putting all your effort and concentration into it.  Karate teaches this focus and the ability to clear distractions from your thoughts.  In a sparring match, when everything can be very fast-paced, you don’t have time to be thinking about what a bad day you had,  it’s just you, and your opponent.  In karate every technique thrown requires concentration.  A single punch or block is greatly improved if the person delivering it is focused on the technique.  HOWEVER, even though karate teaches you to focus on one thing, at the same time it teaches you to be aware of everything around you.  It is a paradox of sorts, but still a necessity to the practice of karate.

I have learned self-discipline and respect for others; stay calm and not resort to aggression; feel confident; take care of by body.  It has taught me to teach with compassion."

Tai Chi & Qi Gong


Lori F.

Creative Director

"I first heard about Genjikai Tai Chi at the Fort Worth Japanese Garden spring festival in 2019. As I sat watching and listening to Sensei Nishida speak, his words resonated with me. I knew I had something to learn from him.  The Tai Chi & Qi Gong class has been very transformative for me in my physical and spiritual journey. In June 2019 my house flooded and I had to move out unexpectedly with no home to transition to. I thought to myself 'I'm going to Tai Chi this!' meaning I'm just going to let it 'be' and allow the space around me to line up so I can step into the natural flow of the energy/universe around me. Wow- This was the first time I had experienced this kind of ease during such an upheaval. Since that time, with Covid and other challenges, I have continued to grow deeper in this practice and in learning to flow like water, choose gratitude, breathe deeper, and be more present.  I am so thankful for Sensei's wisdom, humor, sarcasm, and life of discipline that has blessed me and so many people. I have the ultimate respect for Sensei Nishida and feel very honored to study under this Grand Master during this season of life."


Image by Parshuram Acharya

"I have found that Tamara's Wellness Qi Gong training has helped me with nerve spasms in my feet. I have also been able to reduce my sleeplessness.  One of the procedures where I slowly turn my head have increased my flexibility and improved my ability to look over my shoulder when I drive."

Colleen S.

Image by Parshuram Acharya

Christopher S.

"I have suffered with frozen shoulder for the last six years, and have used physical therapy, weight training and yoga to improve this issue.  My shoulder has become more flexible and has allowed me to use my arm with little pain since I have been under Tamara's Wellness Qi Gong training.  I have been a Type 1 diabetic for over 65 years, and the blood flow through my extremities has increased, resulting in warmer and healthier feet under Tamara's direction.  I recommend this form of training to everyone."

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