The name Genjikai is taken from the name of a famous literary character, Genji, noted for his flawless courtesy and aesthetic genius. Sensei Nishida’s family heritage is also associated with Genji’s historical clan. Kai means organization or association. Genjikai is said to refer to an association of people who train in the way of karate according to the ideals embodied by the character Genji, that is, courteously and with disciplined attention to the correctness of form–this being the first step to the perfection and harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Welcome to Genjikai Karate & Tai Chi

Life is precious. You will always carry your life with you. In learning to defend yourself, you will cultivate attention, intention and awareness. Will and determination will be attributes that can evolve from these practices.

All individuals can learn at any age. The programs we offer are designed for each person to learn at his or her own pace.

Budo is the martial way. It means to prevent or stop a conflict and create peace–to learn to overcome fear and stand in your own space. In so doing, a readiness and calmness will emerge. With a long term practice of karate or tai chi, the student will discover something not expected or imagined–a healthy, happy life!

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Karate Do means the way of the empty hand. It is a martial arts form that is characterized by strength, power, and diligence. It came to Japan by way of Okinawa and China. Karate Do is a way of fighting without weapons by striking an opponent with hands and feet. In Karate Do, one practices and perfects strikes and blocks. By training the body to move, breathe, and act properly the mind and spirit are strengthened. Karate training begins with achieving a healthy body, a disciplined mind, and an awakened spirit—a discipline where the awkward becomes beautiful.

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial arts form with its roots in China. Its movements are structured, smooth, even, slow, and continuous. The practice embodies calmness, lightness, slowness, exactness and perseverance. Tai Chi can be practiced for health purposes, as a method of self-defense, or as a way to focus and calm the mind. Tai chi is philosophy in movement.


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Qi Gong Healing

Qi Gong healing moves energy through the body, which affects the patient’s energetic field. Much like acupuncture and acupressure, this chi movement can shift the internal energy flow and balance the immune system. Ancient teachings and research suggest that energy healing may be an adjunctive therapy for chronic pain, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, headaches, gastro-intestinal disorders, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart disease, and attention deficit disorders. It has been shown to improve balance and muscle strength, increase circulation, lower blood pressure, release tension, relieve stress, and improve coordination and concentration. Qi Gong healing can also help patients rid themselves of painful emotions.

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