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About Us

 The name Genjikai is taken from the name of a famous samurai family who governed Japan. Sensei Nishida's family heritage is associated with Genji's historical clan. Kai means organization. Genji-kai is said to refer to an association of people who train in the way of karate according to the ideals embodied by the kanji character of Genji. This is the first step to the perfection and harmony of body, mind, heart, and spirit. 


Life is precious.


You will always carry your life with you.

In learning to protect yourself, you will cultivate attention, intention and presence.

Budo is the martial way. It means to prevent, dissolve or stop a conflict and create peace to learn to overcome fear and stand in your own space. In so doing, wellness and determination will evolve and a readiness and calmness will emerge.


With a long term practice of karate or tai chi, the student will discover something not expected or imagined–a healthy, happy life!

"I am a retired Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing and have been participating in Tai Chi classes for 20 years.  Tai Chi can be done alone, however it is the group interaction and energy that is the most beneficial for me. Classes with the outstanding teacher, Sensei Nishida has been a gift for me. Tai Chi continues to help me maintain physical and mental flexibility, certainly a need in this time of many concerns.  Knowing that each one of us always, whether we know it or not, has an impact with people and our environment, I think it is important to be healthy, calm and intentional.  Tai Chi is one way to attain intentionality with positive thoughts and movements.  Energy based Tai Chi definitely supports me in achieving these goals."

“Sensei Nishida has guided me to a better mind-body interface. While doing the forms in Qi Gong and Tai Chi I experience an inner quiet. Being part of the class inspires me with the feeling that the power of the group is stronger than the individual. Each time I come I see continued small improvements in my Tai Chi postures and a deeper sense of inner peace while doing Qi Gong. Overall my balance has greatly improved as well as having a sense of well being.”


Jeanneane K., 87 years young

Bill L., Brigadier General

"Practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Sensei Nishida enables me to keep my physical and mental well-being, and this sacred place provides opportunity for me to embrace who I am. School life is sometimes busy and rough, but I can be serene every time practicing the martial arts at the dojo. In addition to this, practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong and interacting with people at the dojo give me a greater spiritual insight. Enjoying the blessings of wisdom with people at the dojo flourishes my positive energy."


Ray I., College Student


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Sensei Langhorn

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