Tai Chi

“I needed to work on my health due to a vehicular accident. I have a traumatic brain injury, as well as neck, back and shoulder injuries. I also had a difficult childhood. I discovered that I still have great potential. I preserved this happiness that comes with the peace of balancing myself physically, energetically, and emotionally through tai chi and qi gong. Energy work has transformed pain and unhappiness into understanding, better health and joyful moments for me and those around me. I would recommend for everyone to try the Genjikai dojo to find if the options are what they want. It has and does mean everything to me. My health has improved so much from the energy work.”

Scott Hood, retired police officer

“I was interested in learning the graceful movements of tai chi and was hoping to become calmer. Sensei is a truly gifted master and healer who shares his knowledge, wisdom, and humor. When I am able to release tension and experience the energy it’s the best feeling. Over time I have become less fatigued and a little more relaxed. Over time, tai chi has helped my joint stiffness and health in general. I would recommend people to come to class. Work with your energy and begin to learn tai chi under the guidance of Sensei. The environment is not intimidating, and fellow students are diverse and supportive. I think this will be a life-long practice.”

Kathy King, accountant

” I discovered that I am calmer and less inclined to be bothered by little things and that I don’t have to be in a race every time I get in my car. I’m more mellow. My purpose in learning tai chi is to help maintain good health as I get older. My right wrist has been pain free every since I had an energy session with Sensei Nishida. I attribute this to the regular practice of qi gong. My balance has greatly improved. My bone density has measurably improved.”

T. S. Smith

“It took less than three weeks to show great improvements. After hip replacement surgery the limp is gone and I feel stronger and more confident. I no longer get “night pains” and so sleep much deeper and longer. I’ve also found that I’m much more flexible in my lower spine/lumber area. If recovering from an accident or surgery, check with you doctor and then sign up. Your recovery time will be quicker and less painful!”

Tim Neff

"Practicing tai chi and qigong initially started for me over two year ago. These forms of movement have appealed to me for some time; primarily the benefits of improved health have been discussed at several therapy conferences I have attended. I approached the classes slowly, attending on Friday evenings. Makio was patient and offered close guidance and detailed instruction never suggestion to read or try hard to memorize. A wonderful environment has been created, black clothing, bowing and respect for the energy space, music, plants, and supportive people. In my second year I am attending classes more often and slowly building more of a repertoire of postures. A shifting view of healing has helped me gain more benefits and these classes help connect nature, mind, body, and spirit for me."

Linda Baley, LPC therapist


"I have been taking tai chi cases from Sensei Makio Nishida for several years. I feel privileged that such a renowned master is available in Fort Worth. I know the practice of this art beneficial for me, if only because I rarely have to talk myself into going to class. I take class 3-4 times a week and rarely miss one. My enthusiasm is generated by the precise and compassionate teaching style of Sensei and the meditative and physical challenges from tai chi and qigong. Sensei has also given me numerous qigong energy treatments that have been very beneficial to my health and related well- being."
Margaret Crawford

"I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple years ago and Sensei suggested I start tai chi. The practice of tai chi and qigong has helped my diabetes. I am no long on my meds."

"Tai Chi has given me outer balance and inner peace with an ongoing desire to learn – stumbles and all. A pleasant feeling of accomplishment, a comfort with the sometimes better and sometimes not so good movements. Moving into advanced understanding and more precise movements is a learning growth process. Better health, cleaner thinking and great fellowship with other “traveling companions”. I plan to still be here for the next 20 years! I have many good memories of sharing with now deceased 91 year old husband, John."

Dana Acly
Computer Tech

"Tai Chi has given me outer balance and inner peace with an ongoing desire to learn – stumbles and all. A pleasant feeling is accomplished. Moving into advanced understanding and more precise movements is a learning growth process. Better health, cleaner thinking and great fellowship with other “traveling companions”. I plan to still be here for the next 20 years! I have many good memories of sharing with now deceased 91 year old husband, John, who took tai chi with me."
Jeanneane Keene
Retired Psych Nursing Instructor

"When I first came to Sensei’s dojo, I was ill with lyme disease. With my doctor’s treatments and tai chi practice I healed this illness."

Gordon Kuhne

"Tai chi has helped me with insomnia and stress. It is very relaxing and it improves my balance."

Wade Adkins
Retired Attorney

"I became a student at Genjikia Karate and Tai Chi after my son had been a karate student there for a couple of years. Although my son got his black belt when he was in high school he continued to come back to the dojo whenever he was home from college. He did this because he enjoyed learning from Sensei. He was a very positive force in our son’s life. His style of teaching fosters mental discipline in his students as much as it trains them physically. The dojo has now become a place where our whole family participates. My husband and I now are students of tai chi!"

Dharshani Alles
Hospice Volunteer

"I did not know what to expect when I first began learning qi gong. At the time, I was working out, walking and lifting weights. I was pounding and pushing my body. Qi gong, the direct opposite, was gentle ad relaxing. It has been a tool for me in learning how to relax and focus. Many times I will meditate using qi gong before work presentations. I have noticed a significant lessening of anxiety and an increase in my focus and memory."

Monte Hood
Office Manager



“I like karate because there are lots of nice people who are always willing to help me.”

Sarah Mcmillan, Allyson Carlson fourth grade student

”I needed to relax, work on my strength, flexibility and spirit. It has been very beneficial for everything I wanted and more! I discovered that you have to have patience, correct forms and to breathe. I would recommend the dojo to anyone who wants self confidence to strive for the best and to most importantly have fun.”

Spencer White, middle school student

“I needed to become a black belt; learn to be responsible; be fit and less lazy. Although I have learned it’s not about fighting, at first that’s the main reason I joined. I discovered honesty; trust; effort; loyalty; and responsibility. Take something to the heart not just believe.”

Tucker Cosby, middle school student

“I needed to find a way to exhibit the physical qualities of my heart through exercise. I needed a way to discover courage, self-determination, and preparedness, which were eluding me. I discovered the profound effect mindfulness, perseverance, and zeal for something can change the way one lives. Practicing karate makes one fully aware of the world around you, not cautious, but mindful of all the functions we take for granted, executing a punch, demonstrating a front kick, or being mindful of each breath one takes, and realizing the preciousness of one’s own life. I would recommend karate to everyone I meet. No matter how old and how heavy, how impatient. I can see everyone on his planet wearing a white karate uniform. As Sensei Nishida plainly says, “karate is for everybody”.”

Daniel Orr, middle school student at Trinity Valley

“I discovered that I really like karate and how Sensei always says he is a different age. He is a great teacher!”

Carter Lamsen, student at St. Andrews Elementary School

“I needed to find a karate teacher for my young son. He had looked around and was apprehensive in some of the other dojos. When we came to Genjikai, Sensei Nishida simply told Carter to come and whatever he could not do today he would do tomorrow. My son has learned he could do it! I also enjoy going to watch his progress and how Sensei is so good with his students. I feel that Sensei has taught Carter something he can do for his lifetime and he has taught him to enjoy karate!”

Jennifer Lamsens, mother of student


Qi Gong Healing

“I needed to calm my anxiety in dealing with some family problems and one time after I was mugged. I discovered that the energy healing worked. Makio told me that I probably wouldn’t feel better immediately, but would the next day. And I did! I wish I had time in my schedule to do weekly energy work sessions.I would recommend energy work for anxiety or for times when you feel ungrounded or unbalanced.”

Susan Ayres, law professor at Texas Wesleyan College

“I needed to treat my soul for fatigue, my body for wear and tear, and my mind for too much thinking. I felt my energy was erratic, waxing, and I felt out of balance.I discovered the direct experience of Qi Gong in the treatment session with Master Nishida. I felt a realignment in my being. I felt cleansed, like a great wave of cleansing spirit washed over me. I discovered a moment when my mind was still and I felt at peace. I would recommend Qi Gong energy work with Master Nishida to anyone who feels their life is out of balance and needs to align the mind, heart and body.”

Dr. David Orr, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, University of North Texas HSC, Diplomate in Neurology, ABPN