"If you are 50 years old and you are going to live to be 90+, it’s time to take care of your body. Tai chi can be practiced until you die!"

Tamara Nishida


Tamara Nishida


Tamara began her Karate instruction in 1998.  She attained her second degree black belt in 2003. She has taken tai chi and qi gong from Master Johnny Lee since 2000. Currently she teaches tai chi and qi gong meditation at the Genjikai Karate and Tai Chi dojo. An elementary school teacher for 18 years, she brings a plethora of teaching skills to her tai chi classes.

Tamara's techniques use martial arts to focus, calm, and direct the mind to help children with ADD, ADHD, and OCD symptoms. The use of movements help the overly stressed students and adults create an environment to make creative, attentive and inspired decisions.



Special Focus

Tamara can offer a special focus during her classes: