Karate is an ancient study that celebrates a strong mind-body connection–as strength and control of the body are learned, the mind reflects the lesson in self-confidence. While strengthening the body, Karate calms the spirit through focus and breathing exercises.

Karate Do means the way of the empty hand. It is a martial arts form that is characterized by strength, power and diligence. It came to Japan by way of Okinawa and China. Karate Do is a way of fighting without weapons by striking an opponent with hands and feet. Fists, toes, elbows, and knife-hands become weapons. One practices and perfects strikes and blocks. By training the body to move, breathe, and act properly the mind and spirit are strengthened. Karate training begins with achieving a healthy body.

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Class Schedule

Tuesday 6:30–7:30pm Beginning Karate
  7:30–8:30pm Advanced Karate
Thursday 6:30–7:30pm Beginning Karate
  7:30–8:30pm Advanced Karate


Annual enrollment fee $150.00 per student
Unlimited classes for 1 martial art form $115.00 monthly
Additional family member $80.00 monthly + annual enrollment fee $150.00
Two martial art forms $170.00 monthly
Healing Session
(Please give 24 hour
cancellation notice)
Schedule/pricing subject to change