Body, Mind, & Spirit Program

For most students, school has many demands emotionally and physically. Tai chi's regular practice is designed to help them realize that they are in charge of how they choose to react to what is going on around them. The practice of Tai Chi gives them confidence and feelings of self-worth.


The body must be coordinated as one complete unit and move in a slow continuous way. Then the body will follow the mind in a harmonious and balanced way. Movement should follow a curved line evenly without interruption in order for the chi to flow freely.


Develop concentration and control the mind. Bring awareness to the body and strengthen the energy. With intention direct the energy and the body follows.


The WILL strenthens as the heart calms, mind quiets, and the body relaxes. Discipline of mind will increase the essence and spirit of the individual.

Design of Program

Call for details (817)731-6050. Ask for Tamara Nishida.